Coaching Vs. Private Lessons

What is the difference? Private lessons are usually meant to be done regularly (once or twice a week). Your teacher manages your learning and helps you practice new techniques and movements. Coaches come in for a limited time (once, a few times a year, or every other month for example) and help you with long term goals. Coaches tell you how and what to practice and give you the information you need to be able to do so.

Social Dance Coaching

This type of coaching helps you get ready to become a coveted social dancer. The one who doesn’t have time to sit down but gets the cabaceos and miradas before they hit the chair. With this goal in mind we help you evaluate common moves, techniques and styles to identify what will make you versatile and comfortable with everything the social dancing world may throw at you. Our goal is to have you enjoying milongas, practicas or whatever application you desire with social tango.

Competition Coaching

We have successfully helped competitors all over the country make their goals in competition. We were the primary teachers of multiple couples who made it to semi-finals, finals and even won the US in the senior division. Coaching for competition is different than for social dancing. We cover basics (if it is your first comp) up to advanced strategies to show off your particular strengths to get further through the ranks. We are also happy to do competition bootcamps with groups and communities who have multiple competitors. It is super helpful to create a team atmosphere within a location so that when you get to a new competition there is a support system of friends.

Partnership Coaching

How do you keep a long term dance partnership going? Good partnership skills require: self-awareness, good communication, creating trust and giving the benefit of the doubt, respect and a the ability to put aside the ego. We have a lot of experience in working on our dance partnership and observing and facilitating change in our friends and student’s dance partnerships. If you want to fight less, hurt less and heal so that you can be productive and healthy, let us help!

Buenos Aires Trip Preparation

Are you traveling to Buenos Aires for Tango? We can help you adapt your skills from dancing in the US to get ready for BsAs! We have danced extensively in Bueos Aires and are familiar with the milongas and schools you might want to visit. Small space dancing and close embrace are must-have skills to enjoy local dancers when traveling to Argentina. We can help you adapt your current social dancing skills so that you understand the cultural differences and have a good trip!

Dance Professional Coaching

Are you a ballroom teacher who wants to teach Argentine Tango at a high quality and so that your students can attend Milongas and Tango competitions? Are you a ballroom studio who wants to push a new Argentine Tango program? Allow us to help you bridge the gap. We have both taught ballroom for years and help many of our students and other professionals go from the DIVIDA syllabus to dancing in Buenos Aires. We can answer your burning questions like, what is the difference between CBMP and disassociation? Two tracks or one and why? Offset or inline with the bodies and why? Heels steps or toe steps and why? We LOVE answering the questions and boosting your tango credibility in the larger Tango world.

Teacher Coaching

Want to improve your teaching? Have you ever been formally trained to teach? We love training teachers! We provide readings, handouts, exercises and roll-play to aid in learning and using the material in your work. We can cover things such as:

  • Learning styles: How you identify and work with different learning styles such as visual, kinesthetic and auditory? Is your student not improving? This could be why!

  • Personality Types: What makes your students happy? Do they learn best and enjoy repetition or do you have to be sneaky about getting your reps in (making it a game, leveling up the difficulty etc.)? Students come back when they enjoy their lessons and improve. Know how to provide the right environment for them.

  • Group Class Skills: How do you handle challenges to your authority? How do you handle a mixed-level class? We explain best practices to run smooth, fun and informative group classes of different sizes.

  • Teacher Psychology: Do you have enough self-awareness to teach well? What is an amygdala hijack and how does it affect new teachers? What are your weaknesses and your strengths? We show you how to fill in the gaps.


Argentine Tango
Coaching Available

  • Social Dancing Skills

  • Competition Prep

  • Partnership Skills

  • Stage Routine Polishing

  • Buenos Aires Trip Prep

  • Ballroom → Argentine Tango

  • Professional Coaching

  • Teaching Coaching

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Having fun coaching and supporting our couples at the SoCal Competition

Having fun coaching and supporting our couples at the SoCal Competition

Performing in BsAs

Performing in BsAs

Celebrating our 2014 US Official Championship win!

Celebrating our 2014 US Official Championship win!